Burkland Monuments

Bronze Marker Monuments

bronze marker monument in Boardman Ohio green greek keys

Bronze markers are renowned for their longevity and distinctive appearance, making them a fitting choice for lasting tributes.

We invite you to visit our spacious showroom in Boardman, Ohio, to see these elegant markers in person. To get a detailed view and discuss customization options, please call our family office at 330-729-9510 for a quote.

Single Upright Monuments

Single upright monuments - Boardman Ohio

Discover the craftsmanship of Burkland Monuments in our Single Upright Monuments section, where we showcase headstones for individual memorials. These upright stones come in a range of designs, offering both timeless and modern styles. With options for custom engravings, symbols, and imagery, these monuments allow for deeply personalized tributes to your loved ones.

Double Upright Monuments

Double upright monuments, Boardman and Youngstown Ohio

Explore our “Double Upright Monuments” section at Burkland Monuments, where we feature headstones for two, including joint upright stones and large singles. As a family-owned business in Boardman, Ohio, we offer a range of styles from traditional to modern, along with options for custom engravings, images, and symbols. These monuments are ideal for commemorating the enduring bond between couples or partners.

Angels & Custom Monuments

angel monuments and custom headstones in Boardman Ohio

At Burkland Monuments in Boardman, Ohio, our showroom features a wide selection of Angel and custom monuments. With a strong track record in crafting personalized memorials, we invite you to explore our gallery of previous projects.